Which professional can estimate a work of art?

Have you been sorting through your belongings and have found some works of art? Would you like to have them evaluated to find out what they are worth? In this case, there are several available solutions  for you. In particular, it is advisable to opt for an online expertise, or to go through art valuation professionals such as an auctioneer.

Should you trust online expertise?

With the acceleration of digital technology, it is now possible to conduct an expert evaluation of a work of art online. If you don't have time to travel to meet an expert, just log in and do it from your computer. How to proceed ? You must be informed yourself about the objects in your possession. Information on the same art objects can be found on online auction sites. Thus, you can already have a first idea of ​​what your painting or your sculpture can be worth. Then, if you are looking to go further in your process, some sites suggest that you contact them for an art estimation. These sites can be specialized or generalist depending on their field. In addition, the estimate can be free or priced depending on the service requested and each site. Don't hesitate to choose this practical solution. An expertise of an art work of Mr. EXPERT could help you get an exact estimation!

 Use the skills of an auctioneer

If you want to carry out an expertise for your work of art, you can also hire an auctioneer. In addition, it is a reliable solution in terms of art estimation. Indeed, you should know that the auction houses are accessible everywhere in France. Professionals in this trade must have a state diploma. Indeed, the job of auctioneer is safe and regulated. So you won't have to deal with a scammer, but rather a professional who knows what he is doing. He will know how to make the necessary expertise for your work of art and give you a good estimation.

Go to experts and antique dealers

Experts and antique dealers are now invading the art market, especially in France. If you want to appraise a work of art, you can contact them for  their services. Indeed, experts and antique dealers are able to give an appraisal on different art objects. They can be specialized or generalist depending on their field. Find out about their notoriety before trusting them since this profession is not subject to regulations..
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