Some key figures

Pierre Cornu: portraits and still life paintings

As in the past, Pierre Cornu’s works of art continue to fascinate the art world. This painter from Aix-en-Provence had created unique paintings and portraits that art enthusiasts love. Pierre Cornu: a talented artist Born in 1893, in Salon de…

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Damien Colcombet: one of the best animal sculptors today

Damien Colcombet, a very familiar and famous name in the art world. Currently, he is one of the best artists who creates animal sculptures. A remarkable talent, precise and outstanding achievements, he is a ready-made artist. As time goes by,…

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The value of ancient masterpieces

The term ancient masterpieces is used when referring to the artistic period between prehistory and the Middle Ages. It was during this period that ancient art appeared. It is linked to religion, but is shown differently in each civilisation. Among…

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