Pierre Cornu: portraits and still life paintings

As in the past, Pierre Cornu's works of art continue to fascinate the art world. This painter from Aix-en-Provence had created unique paintings and portraits that art enthusiasts love.

Pierre Cornu: a talented artist

Born in 1893, in Salon de Provenance, Pierre Cornu quickly became a very famous artist thanks to his numerous creations. This painter was part of a prosperous family that made oil and soap. Pierre Cornu had a happy and privileged childhood. This allowed him to quickly develop his talent for paintings and canvases. Indeed, from his earliest years as an artist, Cornu had a deep passion for drawings and colours. He spent most of his time creating and inventing pictures and canvases. For inspiration, the talented painter loved to mix with nature. This allowed him to create many paintings inspired by plants and landscapes that are exhibited in art galleries around the world. Pierre Cornu also had a particular love for women, which allowed him to create famous creations such as the painting of the woman with the blue hat, the painting of the woman with the cat, etc. 

Pierre Cornu's works of art: what you need to know

Pierre Cornu has a talent for creating unusual canvases that art enthusiasts love. During his career, Cornu created unique paintings inspired by his surroundings. The painting of a young woman with a hat reading is, for example, a unique work of art by Cornu that has fascinated the painting world to this day. This painting is one of Cornu's extraordinary paintings that never cease to seduce art lovers because of the feelings it shows. Indeed, this painting was created by the painter with the aim of accurately representing the female figure in the inter-war period. The artist's inspiration and passion give all his works a unique splendour and nature. It is worth noting that Pierre Cornu did not only work on the design of paintings. He also collaborated with a number of authors who were involved in the creation of books.

Find Pierre Cornu's artworks on the Internet

Pierre Cornu's works of art are available on several online shops. All you need is a smartphone and an Internet connection and you can find a large number of paintings and dead portraits by this artist. If you plan to buy Pierre Cornu's paintings easily and at attractive prices, this option is also highly recommended. Online art galleries offer a wide range of Pierre Cornu artworks to its visitors. All you have to do is make your selection and order your painting while staying at home.
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