Damien Colcombet: one of the best animal sculptors today

Damien Colcombet, a very familiar and famous name in the art world. Currently, he is one of the best artists who creates animal sculptures. A remarkable talent, precise and outstanding achievements, he is a ready-made artist. As time goes by, he is more and more recognized and appreciated. He has received various awards, and has participated in several art exhibitions in various places.


Damien Colcombet was born in 1967 in Rennes, but later adopted by a family from Lyon. From an early age he was passionate about nature and the life of animals. This passion for animals and nature was developed by following his father, an agricultural engineer, to the farm, where he could admire the animals. He spent most of his time in zoos, nature reserves, in the forest or by their family pond. After studying professional science, he joined a large international auditing firm and discovered animal sculptures. This is how his passion grew. He then devoted himself to his art. His sculptures are remarkable for their attention to detail. He doesn't need models to realize his art, he reproduces his sculptures exactly, taking into account all the relevant features of the animal. The artist states that he is particularly attracted to unloved animals such as the cassowary, the wildebeest, the walrus....

The evolution of his work

Thanks to his perfect creations, Damien Colcombet was very quickly noticed by the Estades Gallery, which allowed him to exhibit in 4 locations: Paris, Lyon, Toulon, Baden-Baden in Germany. Alain Delon is one of the collectors of his art. In November 2013, he received the Édouard-Marcel Sandoz prize at the Salon des Artistes Animaliers in Bry-sur-Marne. Subsequently, in June 2014, he had his own exhibition in Brussels. He has been nothing but successful. In 2015, he received a bronze medal at the Salon des artistes français in Paris. His monumental structure "Giraffe et Girafon" was inaugurated in the zoo of the Parc Tête d'Or in Lyon.

The value of his works

The value of an art is estimated according to various parameters such as the techniques used, the dimension... Indeed, a sculpture of this great artist is worth several euros, even hundreds and thousands of euros. He is a renowned and recognised artist, who creates impeccable structures, and certainly evaluated by art experts. His works are sometimes sold at auctions, in private sales. Art is a precious thing, made with creativity and imagination by great artists.
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