Learning to sculpt on the web: by what means?

Sculpting is not a task that can be improvised and the gestures to achieve it are not innate. It requires a lot of concentration and even training. However, such training is now available on the Internet, either in the form of a video tutorial or a guide, similar to the instructions presented in this article.

How to make a success of your first carving?

You don't need to spend money to learn carving. All you need to do is go online. You can rely on the guidebook or watch video tutorials which are much more practical. You don't need to spend money on courses, all you need is to choose the right clay to use coupled with a good dose of concentration. To start with, you will take some clay. Fired clays are weather resistant and they prevent the masterpiece from crumbling and more importantly from breaking and are thus highly recommended for apprentices. Also, a no-fire clay is widely used, although it is not recommended for beginners. Rich in resin, raw clay risks drying out your beautiful masterpiece.

Where to start?

If you are determined to take the plunge then you have the choice of carving negatively, i.e., removing material to get the desired shape, or carving positively by starting from scratch and adding parts to your sculpture. The idea is to start from a blurred image until you get a clear shape. The best thing to do is to look for a model at your own level. Don't think that inspiration will immediately come from the first attempt. You will have to continue practising with a model to acquire such abilities.

What are the steps not to be skipped?

Whether you have opted for a video tutorial or an online guide, you should know that modelling is a step you should not skip if you want to make your sculpture a masterpiece. This stage consists of rectifying the shapes of your sculpture which has finally come to life thanks to delicate and considered gestures. Then there is the stage most feared by beginners, which is none other than the emptying. Only the tutorial videos available on YouTube can help you. Finally, for a more uniform whole, you will only have to paint your sculpture or erase its edges with a wet sponge. You will be more than satisfied with your creation.
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