Oil painting equipment: where to buy for the best quality?

Oil paint is a type of paint in which oil is used as a solvent, mixed with coloured substances to give a colour. It guarantees you to work on the same creation for a long time, and you can receive structural impacts by applying layers.

How to choose a reliable painting equipment for starting?

There are several starter tools on the market that facilitate the assembly of basic materials. Generally, these tools consist of a filing box with brushes, paints, painting medium, pots, and small accessories. Their interest is their proportionally low price compared to the kits provided. In terms of effects, oil paint has many benefits. It allows you to paint freshly over water-based paints to achieve a more consistent, unmistakable clarity. However, oil painting materials such as turpentine have odour and toxicity, so you should paint in an airy room.

Finding the right type of medium

The choice of oil painting material starts with the selection of a high-quality support. Therefore, it is best to have a frame with a fabric stretching system, so that it can be stretched several times during the activity for best results. Artificial fibres are cheap, perfect for children, but the quality is generally poor. Cotton fabric is a perfect all-purpose medium for beginners. Linen fabric is indispensable in terms of load-bearing capacity. Its subtle weave makes it possible to handle various techniques in both oil and acrylic. When painting landscapes or glazed works, linen can make the creative process more refined and the effect is always perfect. You should also choose the texture of the canvas in proportion to the theme.

The importance of choosing quality brushes

The purchase of brushes represents a major financing for a beginner painter. The brush consists of a varnished handle, a protective metal collar called a ferrule, and a structure into which the bristles are drilled. If you go to the shop, don't hesitate to ask the salesperson for advice on how to choose oil painting equipment such as brushes for your personal style. Indeed, you will find brushes for every application, fan-shaped for leaves, extremely fine tips for finishes. Therefore, it is important to choose a theme before making a purchase or deciding on universal shapes. Then, you will also have to choose between brushes made of natural hair, or synthetic hair which are the most common or cheaper.
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