How do you start painting when you know nothing about it?

The introduction to painting begins around primary school. That's when the learning of colours and painting starts. It goes without saying that the art of painting goes beyond this learning, but it still allows you to acquire a certain base in painting. To start with this art, one must first of all love and appreciate it. This is how the initiation to the art of painting becomes meaningful. Having the necessary material and choosing the type of paint is already a very important step to start painting. It is not a question of what kind of painting you want to do. That depends entirely on your inspiration: nature, abstract... Here are some important tips to help you get started in this art.

The materials needed to start painting

You can't start painting without at least the basic materials used in this field. You need paint of course, but you will also need to buy brushes, a brush holder and also canvas in order to create your masterpiece. It is best to choose quality materials to perfect your learning. Brushes come in a variety of shapes: flat brushes, cat's tongue brushes and round-ended brushes. Your choice depends entirely on the paint you are going to use. For acrylic paint, the flat brush is recommended. Round-ended brushes are best for watercolours. If you are using oil paint, it is better to use a filbert brush.

Learning to play with colours

In order to create a true art painting, primary colours are not enough. In fact, you must try to mix certain colours to give impressive effects. This is the most interesting step when you start painting. Once you have created the shades, you will get fascinating results. Black and white allow you to create a darker or lighter effect.


If possible, take a drawing course, as this makes it easy to learn the techniques. Knowing how to draw is essential in painting. Learn little by little to imitate the drawings or the painting that inspires you. Patience is a key element to success in this art. As you draw, you will improve. You can also see safe online tips on how to start painting.
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